Dear patients of Mountain West Dermatology,

As our state transitions to 'Safer at Home,' and in support of the public health measures that physicians throughout Colorado are taking, we do ask the following of our patients coming to our office for in-person appointments:

  • For the safety of all patients and staff, all persons entering the building must wear a cloth mask or face covering

  • Please do NOT bring a guest or family members with you to your appointment (unless of course you are under 18 or need one caretaker for help with medical decisions or mobility, or some other need)

  • Please be prepared to possibly wait in your car if you are physically able, rather than in the waiting room, after checking in. Please bring your cell phone, if you have one, and we will call or come and get you.

  • Please anticipate having your temperature checked and asked about possible CoVID-19 symptoms at our entrance. If you have a fever, cough, other symptoms, or are concerned you might be sick or have CoVID-19, please call your primary care physician instead of coming in to the office. Please let us know and we will reschedule you for when you are feeling better.

For your protection, we are continuing careful protections for you and our staff.

  • We are all wearing masks

  • We are cleaning extensively and repeatedly

  • We are practicing social distancing and asking our patients to do the same

  • If you are over age 60, have medical problems that might make you at risk, and think your visit might not be pressing or might not need in person care, please call us (970-242-7273) to see if rescheduling or a telemedicine appointment might be a helpful option for you

It's important to take care of your skin health so that problems such as skin cancer don't get worse. It's also important to avoid spreading or catching an infection at this time. We are working constantly to try and maximize your skin and overall health at this time.

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