My mother and I always enjoy coming in for a check-up and Dr. Deeths even makes the problems fun! Thank you for providing the BEST care for our skin. We are grateful for all who are employed in your office.   D.T. and G.H.


Patient expressed how grateful she is to Dr. Donaldson for diagnosing her skin cancer before it got larger than it already was. Patient is thankful for the quality of care she received during her visits here and tells everyone they should come to our office.   S.P.


Patient stated that she is very grateful for Dr. Paul and that she is very lovely.   S. B.


Patient says “Dr. Donaldson is amazing & brilliant and that the entire staff here is great!   S.H. 


Patient stated our office sets expectations for other offices and that she was very impressed with Dr. Morrell.   S.P.


"I am very appreciative of Dr. Paul and her methods. I found her to be “refreshing” as well."  E.J.


"Very pleased with the Mohs surgery outcome performed by Dr. Donaldson. Couldn’t be happier with how well the site healed and was thrilled with what you did."  D.S.


"Dr. Morrell….Your're thoughtful, kind, and meticulous feedback was very comforting during my re-excision."  A. R.


"Dr. Morrell is so nice. Very pleased with appointment." K. M.


“I really like Dr. Morrell!  He is so nice, easy to talk to, and super-efficient!”  K.B.


“I’m extremely grateful that Dr. Deeths got me in right away, treated me, and helped me get better so I could get the further treatment necessary.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kindness and help!”  V.L.


“Dr. Donaldson is a super-dermatologist.  Thank you for all the TLC.”  B.M.


“Dr. Morrell is a great addition to your practice.  He was very thorough.  Thank you!”  H.W.


“Everyone was so kind to me.  Dr. Weber was an angel.”  C.B.


“Dr. Kirkegaard and his assistant worked me in earlier in the day was I was originally scheduled for a laser treatment with Erin.  I live in Ridgeway and it saved me an additional trip!  I really appreciate that.”  W.L.


“I was so impressed with Dr. Weber’s professionalism and the quality of treatment I received.  I’m thankful to know such a good dermatologist.”  M.O.


“It’s doctors like Dr. Donaldson that make me more impressed with the healthcare on the Western Slope than I’ll ever be with healthcare on the Front Range.  Thank you!”  Melanoma Patients Wife


“Dr. Deeths at Mountain West Dermatology is the best physician ever!  I have suffered with psoriasis for years and in the two visits with him, he has already changed my life.  I cannot believe that I was not aware of the new treatments that are now available for this condition.  I highly recommend Mountain West Dermatology and Dr. Deeths!”  B.H.


“I am so pleased to know that my very own Dr. Paul offers FemiLift and I didn’t have to drive to Denver to have this done! I am thrilled with the experience and knowledge from Erin Larson as well. You made everything very comfortable and easy during my treatment! Thank you!” B.G.


"Dr. Paul is the most professional doctor I have ever met.  I want everyone to know how wonderful and smart she is.  I will never go to another dermatologist."  L.B.


"I am always so pleased with the care Dr. Paul provides." S.H.


"The quality of care from Dr. Paul is so awesome! She is so considerate and I appreciate her willingness to work me in!"


"Dr. Paul pretty much saved my life and that I’m actually able to live a normal life."


"I am so thankful to Erin and Dr. Paul for caring about me as a patient and not just the money. You were so nice during my Botox and Juvederm appointment, you helped me with my cosmetic insecurities and I feel so comfortable now." J. C.


Dr. Paul is absolutely wonderful and I think the world of her!" R.R.


"Dear Dr. Paul, it is important for new people in the community to experience confidence and comfort when receiving professional health care service for the first time with a new doctor. You and your staff have been exceptional in providing this for our dermatology needs! My wife and I love the full range of services at the clinic- making it convenient for any appointments we have with you!"  C & S.H.


"Dr. Paul is wonderful and I am so thankful that she is here.  She is very confidence inspiring"!  R.C.


"Dr. Paul possesses outstanding knowledge and skill. Her dedication to her patients and her compassion are evident.  I am delighted to be one of her patients!"  M.Y.












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