Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery offers the highest cure rate among treatments for skin cancer and can be used for practically any type of skin cancer. Traditional skin cancer treatments such as freezing (cryosurgery), scraping & burning, surgical removal (excision), and laser surgery require the surgeon to estimate how extensively to treat the area around the tumor. The Mohs procedure involves surgically removing skin cancer layer by layer and examining the tissue under a microscope until healthy, cancer-free tissue around the tumor is reached (called clear margins).

Mountain West Dermatology’s fellowship trained Mohs surgeons, Drs.Weber and Donaldson are specially trained as cancer surgeons, pathologists, and reconstructive surgeons. Mohs surgery has the highest success rate of all treatments for skin cancer – up to 99%.

Mohs surgery is appropriate for skin cancers that:

  • Develop on areas where preserving cosmetic appearance and function are important
  • Have recurred after previous treatment or are likely to recur
  • Are located in scar tissue
  • Are large
  • Have edges that are ill-defined
  • Grow rapidly

Mohs Pre-Operative Instructions:
For patients of Dr. Weber
For patients of Dr. Donaldson

Mohs Post-Operative Care Instructions:
Care for Your Surgical Site

For more information on Mohs Surgery, visit:

American College of Mohs Surgery

Skin Cancer Foundation


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If you do not have insurance, that is not a problem!  For more information on this beneficial option, please click the CareCredit button below.

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